WiFi (wireless internet access)

Let the old “head rat” guess. Your WiFi stinks. You’ve had the provider out several times and nothing has changed. You bought several plug in widgets, spending good money after bad and still, your WiFi goes in and out, with slow speeds. The Rat can make that go away!

We begin by “bridging” your cable company modem / router, which greatly increases the security of your home’s network – wireless and wired as well. You see cable company routers are “addressable” devices, which means they have complete access to them any time they deem necessary. Once bridged, they can shut your modem down, but they cannot get past it. Once that cable company router is bridged, or “crushed” as the old head rat likes to call it, we install the best equipment on the market – Luxul. Nothing else compares. With a wide selection of products allowing us to tailor a system to your home, Luxul crushes the cable company’s gear as well as anything else you could waste your money on.

In this life, you can buy it once, or you can buy it three times. We do it right the first time.

When enough becomes enough and you just want the darn WiFi to work – let Attic Rat install what we call “bullet proof” wireless internet access, using Luxul products and kiss that exquisite little inconvenience goodbye once and for all.