Camera Systems

Yep, the “Rat” does that too. From a simple system to see who’s at the front door, to real-time High Definition recorders that can be viewed from any internet connection on the planet – even from a smart phone! Sure, the head rat is not a great salesman and if you are having a  serious crime issue, he’ll tell you a good dog and a shotgun are best. Remember, when you have seconds to live, the police are minutes away.

But, for thems who just like to see what’s going on around their home or business and understand that CCTV is another tool in the security toolbox, CCTV can be a real asset. Give us a call. We can design a system just for you or in some cases, even install your system (as long as you understand we do not warranty third-party equipment).

There are several types of cameras / systems, from analog to digital as well as WiFi cameras that record to the “Cloud” (a euphemism for a really large hard drive somewhere else that lost of people have access to).  Being an “old school guy”, the head rat prefers systems that utilize an on-site recording device and hard wire running to each camera. They still offer full HD resolution and remote viewing, along with differing methods of notification when movement is detected, but they are much more secure from “hacking”. To get around such a system means getting into the home or office and finding and removing the recording device.

Everyone seems so enamored with the slew of new devices from Ring. Nest, etc. Hey, I get it and to stay up to date the old head rat has tried several on his own home. You can never really know a product until you live with it. After extensive testing I will share with you my own findings. These devices run on either batteries that must be changed or recharged periodically or they run on low voltage transformers that require cabling, making the “wireless” aspect not so much wireless. My end conclusion is this: These things are toys at best and a serious loss of privacy at worst. Don’t take my word for it – see the links below to some articles I have come across in the news:

To each their own, but for me, for my family, I will keep such devices out of my home. If you would like to add a camera system in your home or office, just give us a call and as always we will “hook you up!”

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