A letter I recently received from a long-time customer – G. W.:

January 25, 2022

Attic Rat Recommendation

It is with pleasure, fueled by the truth that I offer my recommendation to any homeowner in need of receiving the best Audio-Visual services here in the Tampa Bay area.

The Attic Rat Team has delivered a wide range of great services to me during the past 13 years. Like most homeowners, when in need of outside services, I evaluate three (3) main categories to help me get the highest caliber service from any vendor.

Responsiveness to my Request for Service:

There is no such thing as calling Attic Rat and getting presented with “Our operators are busy right now – please hit 1 for this or that”. No. You call and Trey, Sean or other service techs pick up the phone. If they are on another line, they call back withing minutes. Attic Rat listens to my perception of what services I need. Once you schedule an appointment, you can start to rest easy. They show up on time… patiently explain their technical solution to meet my needs… and NEVER attempt to up-sell me on any services… they just get right to work.

Technical Expertise:

Attic Rat helps you advance and keep up with ever-changing technology. When Sean Lawson showed up for our first appointment 13 years ago, I had still been watching movies on VCR tapes! Throughout the following years, Attic Rat guided me through the DVD’s, Play Stations for the grandkids, satellite TV, safe and secure wall-mounting each TV as they got larger and larger over time, in-ceiling speakers. I think you get it.

At one point, a tree had grown to the point of blocking my pre-existing satellite dish that was present on the first-floor exterior when I bought the home. Sean and his team re-located that dish and cabling to the roof top above my three-story home. Amazing job while sweating in my attic on their stomachs. Just amazing dedication to get it right and give me a permanent solution.

Homeowner Training:

As the AV world of technology advances, guys like me need training on how to use the latest technology. One of Attic Rat’s unspoken skills is their ability to “Make the Complex Simple”. They programmed my system and remote to make it painfully simple to use and enjoy. None of this “Hit this button on this remote first – then quickly hit that button on this other remote – yada yada.” No. They train you (and your family) on how to enjoy the simplicity of watching TV and movies. Lord knows we need simplicity in our lives these days.

In closing there is no other Audio-Visual service firm in the Tampa Bay area to consider when you need the polite, professional services of a highly skilled team to come to your home and make your leisure time better.


This is a local business owner I have been working for maybe 25 years:

Everything went very well. And I wanted to let you know that Robby was awesome. I met him and left, but my wife was VERY impressed. As far as the Wi-Fi goes, it’s amazing. Dare I say, life changing? Coverage actually goes halfway down to my dock! And 3+ plus bars on the back patio. Thanks for the usual superior job.

P.Z. July 22nd, 2020

Here’s one from a condo owner who wanted  to move a TV, even when there is no attic or crawl space for us to work in:


Just wanted to let you know Bob did a great job.  TV looks great and the area was clean and finished nicely.

Very professional job. Bob is awesome.


A regular customer offers an interesting insight 08/2017:

Hello Trey:

I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks to you and Sean for another successful project here at our home.

It occurred to me that if one sets aside the technical wizardry that Sean and your team bring to a home audio-visual project, at its very core what your team does is put an end to annoyances that all too often insert unwelcome technical potholes into our hectic lives.

Like most folks we know, my life is chock full of technology. All throughout the house…my office…my garage…my pool pump…sprinkler timer…lighting systems…car…my cell. The list goes on. In fact. I recently shared with Sean that my wife executed a ton of research that lead to the purchase of a full suite of new kitchen appliances a few weeks ago. While sitting at the kitchen counter reviewing the stack of User Manuals – I was immediately struck with the intimidating thought that I now needed a pilot’s license to operate a dishwasher. I digress.

So yes…Attic Rat is the ultimate professional service when it comes to cabling and AV technical know-how. I just wanted you to know that I see beyond your technical supremacy.

I see a professional service company in my community that is dedicated to always answering the telephone…listening to its customers…setting appointments that never get changed at the last minute…ring the front door bell at the exact scheduled time…take their shoes off before walking on a carpet…carefully move and/or protect ‘life items’ out of the way to tackle the technical headaches…explain reasons…explain all possible solutions and alternative approaches…do additional research after leaving the property…report back on that research (as promised)…and always, always get the job done.

If there are any websites that you would like me to post this unsolicited commendation above, just send me the links and consider it done.

Thanks for listening. Regards to all,

Here is a transcript of a voicemail left by a retired physician 02/2017 regarding her new Sonos system:


You may be able to hear our wonderful music playing in the background in three different rooms! I’m just calling to say what a fantastic,  fantastic job Sean did! I am calling now, as I know it will be recorded on here (on company voicemail). He was phenomenal. We are calling Sean our “family doctor of  electronic sound equipment, because he listened so well. He actually used the words we use to describe things in the presentation he was making because he knew it would make it easier for us. He figured out what are needs were – he did it beautifully. He didn’t leave a mess – he even thought about where to put things, whether we were left or right handed. He looked inside and outside – just fantastic. He was polite, pleasant, appropriate. Helped us with other things in other systems if we asked him. He offered us a great education – great follow through We can’t say enough and we are passing the recommendation along to friends. So, thank you very, very much for a wonderful experience with our Sonos system. I’ve got it playing and I cannot wait to show it to my husband when he comes back from out of town.

Here’s one from a recent AV installation in a condo where there is no attic to work with:

“Bob was great! Everyone talked about needing to repair drywall and removing baseboards etc..::he didn’t need to do any of those things! Such a gift! Super nice guy too!
Thanks Trey- great to find a company like yours!”  December 2016

A camera system installation early 2017:

“Hello Trey,
Want to thank you for configuring, preparing and installing the Video Surveillance System. It has been a very good experience so far. The installation that was completed is very technically and professionally sound. Again let me offer my sincere appreciation with the way the equipment and the system was put together and is functioning. As you said you would get the person out here to install it. Well you picked the right person.” Bill S. September 9th, 2016

I recently emailed a customer in Tarpon Springs to ask his permission to drop his name as a reference for a job I was quoting. He manages a large company and he replied with his permission. A few minutes later, I received a second reply from Jim that humbled me:
Don’t even bother to ask from now on. Just use my name whenever you have a need of a reference.”

So many great customers over the years – God bless em every one!

Robbie took control of the wiring of our new location and ROCKED IT! We are so happy, with the excellent service, knowledgeable tech and the amazing low price – you have customers for life. Thanks so much!” P. L. July 18th, 2016


Sean was great – as always, and very worthy of note.

All our things were handled, and we learned some new stuff.

Great Company!   Thanks,  Maryam” April, 2016

“Trey- wanted to let you know Sean did a great job today fixing our initial problems (a fix I never could have done given complicated Denon setup) and also patiently dealing with Bright House snafu’s on DVR aspect. You guys are great, as always. It is such a pleasure to deal with such capable, responsive and caring service providers. Thank you both very much.
Chip”  January, 2015

“Hi Trey, Thank you for sending Sean over earlier, dude is great to work with! Doesn’t leave the house until I am thoroughly understood of what I am paying for! Excellent workmanship and knowledge of his industry. I have a few of Sean’s cards that I carry in my truck and I will refer you guys!”
Dave B.  May, 2015

“I contracted with Attic Rat to prewire my new home with a whole house sound system, hardwired internet, and phones. The installer did an amazing job on the wiring and very carefully listened to my needs without trying to oversell me, he offered the equipment I needed and interjected advice only when invited. He’s an asset to the company and I completely trust them. Cheap they are not, but quality rarely is. I’ve found that you get precisely what you pay for! I had other estimates but they didn’t included everything I wanted. They worked out well for me.”

“We first used Attic Rat to install phone lines in one of our retail storefronts, because the price from Verizon was rediculous…they where so good & timely, that we had then install all our Phones, Computer Lines and Store Sound system. On our newer/bigger store when we moved. The guy, i think, Sean(?) kept everything clean and I was surprised when he did some original cable repairing for free, cause we had bad phone connections, sometimes. The owner, on the phone. helped us avoid wasting money on a faux Bose system &hooked us up Nice!!”

We’ve used Attic Rat for two separate jobs recently. Trey and Sean are amazing to deal with. I purchased a new 65″ tv and wanted it mounted with additional surround sound speakers. First, Trey worked with me via e-mail sending me pictures and quotes to make sure we came well within my budget. Sean then came out, spent about 5 hours handing the new tv, rewiring all my cable, PS3 and current sound system getting rid of all the bulky wires so that my wife approved. Can’t tell you how happy and pleased I am with the job. So much so that they are coming again to hard wire my PS3 so that the signal won’t drop anymore. Would absolutely recommend to anyone wanting a sweet system that looks incredible!” T.S.  June 20, 2011

“I give them 5 stars… I could not have asks for a more professional, prompt and diligent business to add a new wall jack for the cable and phone line into a wall that I had been previously told by my cable provider that it was not possible to do… I am just ecstatic with the job and especially the price… I definitely will give Attic Rats name out to all my friends and anyone who needs this type of work done… I am so PLEASED with THEM… I would Recommend without reservation”  PI on June 7, 2011

“These guys are great….been using them for 8+ years. They’ve work on our home and businesses. Professional work and unbeatable prices.  They probably done 50 data and voice line installations over those years and NOT ONE SINGLE FAILURE. Recommend without reservation” Anton May 16, 2011

“A+++ service and expertise. From the moment I contacted them to the purchase of my new TV, mount, cable install and other projects, this team was amazing! We wanted our project done right and we got much more than expected. The process was explained in detail and their professionalism, knowledge and service could not have been more impressive. How much is it worth to get it right? I think it is priceless, and that is the service level they have. I would gladly do business with Attic Rat again and highly recommend them to everyone. Don’t even think twice, just do it. They are the best and you deserve it!” D&D August 12, 2011

“I’ve used Attic Rat twice in the past few months. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Actually I had been emailing (Trey) for over a year as my goal was to eliminate cable. I was also interested in surround sound for my tv, stereo etc. He had provided advice and pros and cons etc… never pushed for a sale. Once I was ready, I first contacted another potential supplier recommended by a friend. They were high end and the price was more than double what I ultimately hired Attic Rat to do. Trey provided advice about products (it can get pretty technical) and I purchased most of them online. Then I called Trey and scheduled an appointment. Bob came out and he did a fantastic job. He installed several pieces of equipment, ran cable and internet through the attic, hung tvs, etc. It took him literally all day. Before completing the transaction he wrote out instructions for me and labeled my remotes. I have to say he made it so easy for me to switch from tv to internet to wii to dvd to music…The price was very reasonable. A month later I contacted Bob and then Trey for advice about installing an antennae and to accomplish my goal of eliminating cable. Bob came out again and this time it took him much less time. I now have no cable, a great reception from 2 tvs and netflix over the internet. Once again Bob did a fantastic job. I could have given him the keys to my house and left for the day. He is very trustworthy. I have no personal relationship with Trey or Bob but was motivated to write this review because it is rare to receive prompt reliable service at a reasonable price. One of the big box stores or another provider would have been more costly and more hassle. Craigs list can be scary! So yes, I would recommend Attic Rat and will likely be calling them for another job in the future” Bonnie B. June 06,2011

“If you need ANY custom cabling, then Attic Rat is the place to call.  Initially, I had BrightHouse out here THREE times …….. all they did was scratch their heads.  I was willing to pay, but the actual cable company had NO answers.  In comes Attic Rat to save the day.  It was a single phone call, appointment for a look see and quote and the job was then scheduled for THREE days later.  Living in a condo, there is literally no ceiling room and walls with concrete pillars in undocumented spots.  Using experience and some high-tech gadgetry, the tech wired three rooms with additional cable drops and I had him add CAT-5 data lines at all the drops as well.

The work was CLEAN, professional and BETTER than we had hoped for.  YES …… he made holes in walls and ceilings…….. THEN he applied drywall mud and repainted.  The tech went to Home Depot to get all matching paint to repair the holes.  He was in, he was out …… eight hours later I had cable and data drops all over the condo and you’d have never known he was there.

Don’t get me wrong ……… a little on the expensive side but you get what you pay for with Attic Rat.  I spent a good part of the day observing and talking with tech.  Personable, friendly and CREATIVE.  NOT KIDDING …… Attic Rat should have their own show on HGTV ……. THAT creative, THAT good !!!! “  September 19th, 2011

Hi Trey,

I LOVED what your guys did for me. It looks amazing and they both worked non-stop all day. I also enjoyed talking with them; both were incredibly nice. I had another electrician here that day hanging some lights and they were even very polite to him. I have to admit I’ve never had such a pleasant experience with people doing work in my home.
Thanks so much.
J. G.
November 9th, 2011


  1. Earl Britland

    Trey’s Company has been doing our phone systems and Home entertainment systems for 20 years! Simply the best! We have recently relocated to another state and are wondering how we can find a way to bring his companies services along! Thank you, so much, for all of your years of loyal, dedicated, high quality service. Lin and Earl

  2. bill snyder

    very good at what they do in every way. fair prices and they give good advice since they know the product. I will never call anyone else, thank you trey

  3. Marc Oscherwitz

    I had Attic Rats come to my home two days ago. They were beyond anything I could have expected. They were here on time and hung my 65″ TV perfectly. When They opened the TV box the screen was cracked. I called Best Buy and they were giving me a hard time about replacing their damaged product. The two installers from Attic Rats came over to Best Buy with me and stayed thru their lunch until the matter was resolved. I would highly recommend them to anyone who
    needs this type of service. Kudos to Trey and his staff.

  4. nancy quinn

    I had the pleasant experience yesterday of having attic rat install my TV Jimmy was professional, knowledgeable and pleasant. He worked quickly and offered me great advice on the operation of my new TV. I will be happily recommending Attic Rat to friends and neighbors in my area. Thank you again for a stress free experience

    • Nancy,
      Many thanks for your kind words. We stand ready to take care of you or your neighbors needs.
      Trey (head rat)

  5. It was certainly a privilege to have met Robbie yesterday. Not only was Robbie a kind young man, but he was very quick and knowledgeable. I had a great feeling of his attributes from the start. I look forward to the day of using your service again. Thank you!

  6. Laurie Bonham

    Robby was at my house this morning to install a security camera system. What a delightful young man. He was early, efficient, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to have working in my home. I will definitely recommend Attic Rats to friends.

  7. Hi, once again I had the privilege of having Trey from Attic Rat coming and give our sound system his magic touch, he not only installed the original Casatinas sound 28 years ago but over the years he has upgraded it and now sounds better than ever, he also takes care of our telephone lines and keeps an eye on all our POS’s and computer issues. Thank you TRey, keep up the good work.

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